Today play
Today play is an ongoing series in different techniques being based on 9 different colours. The work is centered around the question of the meaning the colours get whilest being combined.




Box with 9 x 9 colored cards (10 x 15 cm)

Colour diary

21 C-Prints 45 x 60 cm

During 3 weeks every morning one picture has been shot showing the result of the daily cards laying. The slightly color differences are due to different light conditions using natural light coming through the studio windows.

Colour diary

Video installation
(Kunsthaus Hamburg 2010)

Rosario (Today play)
Object (2018)

Today play – meaning

The pictures are from a video documentation of how the daily card laying is done, how much time it takes (from about one minute up to ten), it shows hesitation and fast and slow movements and different moods. The list attributes meanings to the colours without revealing the relative colour. 

These images have been part of the catalogue of Hamburgstipendium 2009

Screenshots # 5 Tanks

Exhibition „Zeitgeschichte/n“ april 5th to may 27th 2011 in IG Bildende Kunst, Wien. See Screenshots

Retro Slots

2010 at FRISE Gallery Hamburg. I combined pictures from an old family album that had been transfered on film with colour fields.