Ibasho   居場所

The place where I / we can be  私 / 私たちの居場所
June 7th –16th 2019 Frappant Hamburg




The group show with Osaka and Hamburg based artists was centered around the japanese word Ibasho which has a far broader meaning than the german „Heimat“. It does not only refer to the place where we come from, but also where we are, where we want to be or what we find in our memories. I showed new and older works, that were centered around the Ibasho notion, some of them coming up in the group discussion and thus corresponding to the work of the others.



Naoki Kajitani, Stefan Moos, Aki Nagasaka, Ralf Pleßmann, Tatsuya Sugimoto, Nobuko Watabiki


The House

(1972 / 2019)

As center piece in the exhibition I reconstructed a small brick house I had once built as a child with the help of my father relating to an early ibasho moment. It was now built by my godchild who is of about the same age I had then and to whom I showed old pictures of me in the house and instructing him just like my father had done. He decided some details like steps inside and the height and how stones are turned.

Portable Roof

The roof with a length of approximately 80 cm can be easily unfolded and placed on objects in private or public place to create architecural situations.
The series was taken in Paris. Pictures shown in postcard size in the exhibition

Small Roof

A pattern on a DIN A 4 paper sheet that allows to construct a roof. Visitors were invited to take sheets. 

Objects without name

I inserted this series into the exhibition as a commentary to the concept art pieces Tatsuya Sugimoto presented in the show. He is looking for Ibasho moments coming with the specific recognition of objects. I had gathered these objects at different places in different countries being puzzled by the degree of specific design differences paired with the similarity that there doesn’t seem to be a certain name for it.

C-Print, 13 x 18 cm,