Minority situations

In permanent continuation I have been working on different situations of minorities in society. These works are based in studies in contemporary history of the 19th century I did about questions of assimilation of the jewish community around 1850 in France. Having achieved two academic degrees in the late ninetees, I restarted working these questions years later as a project. It comprises research, writing and forms of artistic collaboration. In 2020 a text with Sarah Pröwrock is to be published about different minority situations.

The image shows Napoleon giving equality to the French jews in 1806. It is a symbol for the opportunities and with this for the traps and dangers for all kind of minority groups.

Hypercultural Passenger

This is an ongoing project I participated in 2017 with my project about minority situations. The lecture on sept. 29th was about the question of style in synogogue architecture of 19th century, when jews became citizens and were forced to adapt. The text drew lines to contemporary situations in society referring also to other groups.