Doubling of the Lauenburg Spire

Camera obscura with two holes.  The cabin was looking from the gallery space to the spire of the Lauenburg church. The installation  realized the anticipated secret wishes of  Lauenburg people.  After 1989 when the near border to GDR disappeared the town was no longer at the end of nowhere and there was hope the place was getting more central and important. Amounts had been invested in the restauration of the spire. The installation transformed it temporally into a cathedral with two spires, that stayed upside down. (Künstlerhaus Lauenburg 2006, single exhibition „Das Dunkle und“)

Spatial Shift

Group show St. Petersburg 2006


I subverted the light situation while integrating lamps in the interior of the museum wall, which could be seen through a hole.

There was Lumière # 2 on the wall, for Kimberly Horton I arranged the display walls. Display and visibility was an issue of this show with works also form Torsten Brinkmann, Goesta Dierks, Sabine Hoepfner, Stephan Canham. As part of it I did an intervention in the windows of the Museum for Urban Space.

Lights are giving light to each other in changing order related to an automatic clock. Including complete darkness (Trottoir, Hamburg, 2005)

Installation with lamps being switched on and off automatically during the night in various combinations (E14 art room, Hamburg 2005